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Name of Product:
Arizona Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails

First impressions of product:
Sturdy, print quality is excellent & pictures are beautiful/motivating.

Place of purchase?:

What was the original price?

Was it worth the price paid?
Every single penny.

Would you recommend this product to others?
Absolutely, a must if you'll be heading out to the middle of nowhere/desert.
Coordinates and mile log is spot on and will be hard to get lost.
Book recommends to take an additional map; Arizona Atlas & Gazett​eer to be exact for a wider view of the area.

Favorite thing about the book?
I absolutely love the fact that each individual trail is highlighted with the green, blue and red colors which signify the road conditions.
What does this mean? It means that even if a trail is rated hard/red, there are a few areas which are green/easy & blue/moderate
(this is usually is at the beginning). I shared a picture to show you what I'm talking about below.
This is extremely helpful since I plan on doing the easy parts of a lot of these trails.
I don't have to complete the trails, the point is to get out there in the middle of the desert :)

Another great feature is the map icons, they signify scenic views, obstacles, water crossings etc.

Pictures of the item (2nd & 3rd pictures are mid/high res for you guys to zoom in and read):

If any fellow Arizonian is interested in viewing certain trails, feel free to ask, I took pictures of all of the pages to save on my computer.

The book will be great to take, only reason why I save them onto my computer is because I dislike looking down at the book and then looking up at my monitor while viewing the area on gmap. Now that they are on my pc, it'll be easier to navigate, explore and plan from my desk.

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Looks pretty sweet. I'd love to drive some of those trails sometime, and looking at the cover, I believe a Patriot could reasonably traverse the "moderate" trails, as that looks roughly as difficult as the stuff I've covered at Rocks and Valleys with some lifted Wranglers and Cherokees in the group. Pretty much everybody was really impressed with it.

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If I still lived there I would have to buy this. It looks so awesome! I have done a lot of wheeling in Arizona, great place for off-roading!

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I love this series of books, and miss living in the west and being able use these. Wish we had them for here, oh yeah, we have no hills in eastern ND, LOL.:doh:
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