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Model: 2016 Jeep Patriot Sport SE 4X4 (no factory backup cam)

So, after years of procrastinating i finally installed a new head unit to replace the factory one. I installed the Alpine Ilx-w650 with the pac unit to keep steering wheel controls. I got this specific head unit because its only a media unit and only does a few basic things. (Android auto, backup camera and radio)


Install of the unit was easy, but i wanted to have a factory backup came look. So, on ebay I bought the light bar assemble (5SD80GW7AA) with black ascents and the backup camera.


I ordered a cheap $20 amazon backup. I used the old oem housing to mount the new camera in the factory backup camera, then I used epoxy to mount the backup cam to the OEM cam housing. Its not pretty but it worked out great.

The new camera mounted perfect into the OEM camera location.

Finally I installed the new microphone in the same spot i had the uverse mic, I had to remove the uverse internals from my previous rear view mirror when I added my auto-dimming/compasss/homelink mirror. (its behind the left black grill)

I added the new remote USB port to the center console where the 12v power plug would normally be.


I think it all turned out great with a very factory look.


I've already removed the patriot badges from both doors, I just need to add the new black Jeep badge to the hood and replace the 4x4 emblem on the rear with a black one. And powder coat my wheels black.
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