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Hi all,

I was quoted AUD$801 to service my 2014, 5-sp manual, 4X2 riot at 48,000km/24months as per the service schedule. The changes, as stated in the service handbook, include:
  • change engine oil & oil filter
  • rotate tyres
  • inspect engine air filter (replace if necessary)
  • replace engine air filter element
  • replace spark plugs
  • inspect brake pads/linings & rotors
  • change automatic transaxle fluid & filter
  • connect Starcan diagnostic tool to vehicle & inspect for DTCs & module updates
  • inspect & replace the accessory drive belt tensioner (replace if necessary)
  • drain & refill transfer case fluid
Is AUD$801 a reasonable price for the job by a dealer? I was told it would be a major overhaul, and explains why this service would cost more than the previous jobs (which was roughly AUD$250-320). I'm situated around Brisbane if that helps. Any advise or help will be appreciated!


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I can't really comment on the price quoted, as I don't know the Australian economy and what things normally cost there.
They recommend "change automatic transaxle fluid & filter" on a 5-speed manual? :surprise:
I wouldn't pay for a transfer case fluid change on a 4x2 vevicle either. :eek:

It is interesting that the Canadian version of the same vehicle doesn't require "connect Starcan diagnostic tool to vehicle & inspect for DTCs & module updates" as part of it's required maintenance.

Have the oil change, wheel rotation, and spark plugs done at your favorite local shop. They will check the brakes while they are doing the wheel rotation.
Keep receipts and make sure kms. is noted on them. The air filter you can replace yourself if you have some tools. Shine a flashlight on the drivebelt to see how it looks.

The only thing you would have to have done @ dealer is connect Starcan diagnostic tool to vehicle & inspect for DTCs & module updates.....

Hope this helps.

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Gday mate,

I am a fellow Brisbanite too.

Much debate around Australian consumer laws and car servicing as you might already know.

I couldn't comment on the price as I have a 4x4 version and whilst my car was under warranty I was taking it to the dealer to get the car serviced (no debate should anything have needed to be replaced under warranty) which cost an arm and a leg.

Now I just take it to Midas as Ashgrove as they do quality servicing to it without the hefty price tag.
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