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couldn't find much info on spares for those with 29" wheel/ tyre combo's posting up for reference

i kept my old 27.5" as my spare as this fitted in the spare wheel well & a few days ago had to use it due to a puncture, not sure why my Pat didn't like running x3 29's & x1 27.5 but it was suffering from pretty bad vibrations (in theory this shouldn't be due to different rolling radius- but who knows)

got the 29" fixed & thought through the options of running a 29" spare ...tried a full size (235/65/17 goodyear wrangler), but as expected it wouldn't fit & i'd need to cut some trim & cut the wheel well carpet to get it in- & even then it would be a squeeze

decided a space saver is probably the best solution, but there doesn't appear to be an off the shelf option for a Pat & 29" & aftermarket solutions of either buying a completely new wheel/ tyre or getting a tyre the right size to fit a Pat 16" space saver were either non existent or cost prohibitive

so, started going through list of 4x4's/ SUV's that run a space saver with the right pcd & center bore & found that a Mazda CX7 has an 18" space saver with 155/90/18 tyre & is 5x114.3 & CB 67.1

found one on ebay for £30 locally, fitted it at the weekend to test calliper clearance & any offset issues & also how it fits in the spare wheel well ...& it runs fine & fits perfectly in the well (see pic) :)

gives a bit more room to store all my crap too

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