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My 2016 fwd I just got has an “out of round” feel to it when I accelerate. It goes away after acceleration, but can happen during turns sometimes.

The best way I can describe the feeling is a wheel with loose lug nuts, or a bent wheel wobbling until you’re done accelerating. Ruled these both out though.

The following has been done/checked:
-moved that wheel to rear, still there
-Belle tire checked it out and couldn’t figure it out (but they sometimes are not that great at inspections)
-new sway links

Drivers side does not do it. Belle said they checked for wheel play/suspension play and everything seemed tight. When I get under, everything seems tight. I’m not sure if this is something the CV axle could do, and or wheel bearing. But there is no grinding or any noise at all. Just the wobble under torque and like I said - felt in the steering wheel like the wheel wants to come off. Lugs are properly torqued.

Could it be the wheel bearing? Strut? Control arm? Tie rod? CV axle? Neither of these have been replaced on this side. But I also don’t want to throw random parts at it for nothing.

Please help, I’m going insane. I’d prefer to do the work myself.

Here are photos of drivers and passengers (from front view)
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