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both sensors
both cat con
and the manifold and gasket
*bought a direct fit manifold/cat con

all with in the last month
did the upper cat con and manifold today
but, still having the same prob. no pick up w engine gets warm.
no acceleration. instead i get the problems engine bogs down and cuts out
until i let of the gas and reapply slowly.

Any help or tips or advice on the patriot in general (just bought this patriot few months ago, 1st one ever}
or on my problem is appreciated.

Thanks All

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What O2 codes are you getting?

On general advice, depending on where you live you may want to keep an eye out for sub-frame/cross-member rust.
I use fluid film on the sub-frames and suspension parts at least once per year; it works pretty well at keeping the rust in check.

If you have a CVT, I recommend you change the fluid and filters every 30-50k miles depending on driving conditions.
The manual says 120k but is way off the mark.
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