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Just wanted to say hello to the community.
Just got this 2011 Patriot,
So far I have done some simple minor mechanical work oil change checked the motor had a leak but it was due to seals being dry and cracked from sitting replaced with ease.
Ceramic brakes, rejuvenated the plastic trim, installed remote start, installed dash cam and rear view camera, got some nice 16 inch rims, installed the weather techs, and most recently did a wax on the paint.
As a whole the inside is extremely clean no wear, cracks, or tears in the interior. The body has one spot of rust on the front quarter panel and the front grill is in bad shape which I plan on replacing it with a blacked out one. In the near future before winter I want to get some AT tires which is why I went with a 16 in rims so I have space to put a bigger tire. Not sure what other upgrades might do.... Maybe touch screen radio, roof rack, light bar or bars, a lift maybe. My goal is to have a beast of a snow car that is affordable I am ok with the power this car has. Any tips would be great and appreciated. More to come.


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