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That is a nice unit; mine does have bluetooth and ipad, Iphone integration, so will have to wait until I get the ELM327 code reader in a couple of days to see if it will par to my phone and the radio.

I contacted the dealer and asked , "How much to check the trans fluid level" the guy asked why I wanted to check the level, is it leaking? I told him "no, I just want to see what the trans fluid level is"; he then went on to explain that it is a sealed unit, not to touch it, and they would want $520 to do a transmission service if the car is close to 100k; otherwise if I have no trans fluid leaks not to worry about it.

I contacted the local Mr Lube and they said they check the trans fluid from a plug under the car when they do an oil change. I need an oil change, so at $70 will go that route; then check the temperature using the ELM327 code reader and then use the oil dipstick to see what the level is; just waiting for the code reader to arrive from Amazon.

So, to summarize: Using my oil dipstick to check the trans fluid level from cold and at an ambiant air temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit I get a solid oil reading on the lower mark of the "safe" line on the oil level dipstick. I will be using the ELM327 code reader pared to my phone with the Torque Pro app to read the trans fluid temperature; run the trans temperature up to 190F and check the level again; hopefully I will have a hot and cold baseline to use the oil dipstick to check my trans fluid level.

Thanks again to all who have posted; a great help; in what you might think should be a simple task of checking your transmission fluid level.
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