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2010 jeep patriot sport 4wd

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I bought this with the abs traction control light and the 4wd light on. I replaced both rear wheel speed sensors and the light still stays on when tho that's what the code read as. I'm not sure what to do but now the break light stays on.
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Hi, welcome to the site.

Do you remember what code it was?

If both the ABS light and the brake light are on it could be corroded ground wires, as both the ABS module and the brake fluid level sensor use the same ground (G110) located on the passenger side chassis rail. If the wires are corroded the fix is cutting off the eyelet, stripping the wires back to good metal and adding a new eyelet.

More info on grounds here:
Could be a bad bearing, if it sounds like a small aircraft is behind the backseat once you get it up to speed.
Check out this video. Even though the video is of a Compass, it's the same as the Patriot underneath.
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