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Hey guys i have done a couple of searches related to fuel economy but haven't seen anyone with this issue so far, to this extent at least. im new to patriot ownership and so far, bar this problem its been good fun.
so, from the day of collecting my 2010 2.2 CRD overland, (uk spec) 60k miles the long term fuel consumption readout is displaying 16 mpg, the best i have had it over 2K miles is 19mpg. i do a mixture of driving and i generally don't have a heavy right foot. i have tried a couple things to see if i get a boost in fuel economy which i will detail. i should note as far as im aware the engine is running fine, isn't noticeably difficult to start, idles ok etc. I've driven on motorways for long distance to see any improvement to no avail. i feel there must be something at fault, a friend owns the same engine in a Jeep compass and will see a 32 mpg average for urban use, which i deem more than acceptable.
i first tested and replaced the engine coolant temp sensor as the temp gauge had been faulty, my thinking was the ecu thought the engine was cold, thus more fuel. neither issue sorted.
later fitted a second hand instrument cluster, this fixed the temp gauge, no change in fuel cosumption.
performed the battery disconnect, ecm reset.
tested then replaced the 02 sensor, which i was convinced was at fault. performed ecm reset. still terrible fuel economy.

this is my first diesel and i honestly dont know too much about what to check for in terms of faults or bad parts etc. does anyone have any info that may help? im getting quite frustrated and my pocket is getting lighter by the day.
any help will be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance!
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