Mileage:290000 M
The end of the road is unfortunately a little too near for my second ever vehicle. 2003 Impala with 3.8L. There's a thread in the Impala forums here if you want pictures and more details. 2003 partout

Long story short, the radiator supports are almost gone and not replaceable by a certified shop as they're welded on as an integrated part of the unibody, and the trailing arm support bits under the rear doors have maybe a year left.

I'm hoping to get:
$500 for the 4-year-old Magnaflow catback system, in good condition and worth twice as much brand new,
$500 for the set of Michelin Defender T+H 225/60R16s I had installed on it this past autumn and the wheels they're mounted on,
and at least $500 overall for assorted good condition bits like the taillight housings, seats, "brand new"(ly refurbished) gauge cluster installed sometime in the past week, maybe even the headliner and floor mats.