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Driving to work and car overheated after 5 miles, header tank looked empty so topped up with 2 pints of water and it was full, Heater was cold as was header tank, got it to work (8 miles) and it went into the red several times but dropped to normal each time I stopped (road has lay-by every 1/2 mile)
noticed slight drip underneath at work and found small hole in bottom hose, replaced hose and topped up , engine had a big air lock which was a bugger to clear, car now ticks over fine For hours but overheats when driven, been told several things, head gasket, egr cooler, cracked head.
1 mech says combustion fumes are present in header tank but another says yes they would be due to hose splitting and it’s drawn in engine fumes etc
any ideas chaps ?
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