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  1. Exterior
    i recently got tints and was looking at getting the roof wrapped in gloss black to match. i am part of a car club called team rebellion and we were recently sponsored by EHdecals and they said they can do it for $150. is this a good deal? should i do it?
  2. Exterior
    i am thinking of vinyl wrapping my rims an black, grey, and light grey. what do you guys think. here is a pic of my car with the stock rims.
  3. Exterior
    I am really leaning towards doing a full camo wrap on my jeep with this... I was wondering if anyone with photoshop skills could show me what a Patriot would look like in Realtree camo. Camo4u has a camo simulator, but it is only for trucks and I cannot get a good idea....
1-3 of 4 Results