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  1. Replacing head unit with an OEM radio that supports Bluetooth music playing?

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi, I am new to the forum and new to being a Jeep owner :) I own a (European) Patriot 2010 which has a radio labeled "6 disc / mp3 / wma / anti-theft". It has RDS, an AUX input on the bottom-right with an AUX button on the left of that. At the top it has buttons for seek and mobile phone calls...
  2. UConnect Update

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi everyone. I'm trying to update my UConnect Software. I found the directions on how to do so online, but of course it's not working for me. I'm using the USB/UCI port in my glove box (that was super hard to find but I found it), and whenever I click the phone button my dash, I say "Setup...
  3. iPod/uConnect compatibility

    Electrical and Audio
    I'm by far an applephile, so I couldn't tell you the first thing about how iPhones/iPods/macbooks work, but I heard that on some radios, iPod compatibility is a lot better than other alternatives for playback and music navigation. I think I have the uConnect 130 in my Pat, with the Bluetooth...
  4. Can you factory upgrade your uconnect system?

    Electrical and Audio
    I bought a 2014 jeep patriot recently and its just the base model. Trying to figure out if its possible to upgrade the head unit/Uconnect player with a more advanced system. I dont really like aftermarket systems. They may sound better but alot of times they look tacky to me. Id really like to...
  5. MYGIG REP With GPS Antenna and Uconnect on Ebay

    Electrical and Audio
    Anyone looking for a MYGIG REP Low Bus unit I have it in outpost Anyone interested PM me.
  6. UConnect and Android

    Electrical and Audio
    After some fun and games where my android phone would pair with the UConnect in my Patriot but wouldn't show my contacts I've figured why. It would work for a few weeks, then for some reason wouldn't show any contact numbers. It seems I'd linked some of my google contacts (the ones UConnect...
  7. Uconnect 82212499 or 82212159

    Knowledge Base Submission Forum
    I'm looking to add the Uconnect kit to my 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude but in researching the correct part number, I keep finding conflicting information. I have the 430N RHB Navigation Stereo. Which of these two part numbers is the correct one?
  8. Uconnect Dials then Disconnects

    Electrical and Audio
    My first disappointment with my otherwise great 2014 Patriot with Voice Command. The system pairs and downloads the phone book OK and will dial the number. The Uconnect ends the call while it is ringing. The phone being called does ring, with no sound when answered. Incoming calls work just...
  9. 2012 Patriot Limited - RBZ head unit - adding Bluetooth and iPod integration

    Electrical and Audio
    I've contacted three dealers, and Uconnect themselves and gotten FOUR different answers. I want to add Bluetooth functionality and the ability to control the iPod from the head unit. Everyone agrees that this will require a "module" and a "cable". I've been offered three different part numbers...
  10. 2011 Patriot & Ipod

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey y'all. I just purchased a 2011 jeep patriot. I love the car, however was lead to believe by the dealer that I would be able to play my ipod through uconnect by connecting to the front usb port. This was not the case. I've been looking on lots of forums and other sites but just cannot find a...
  11. UConnect and Samsung Fascinate

    Electrical and Audio
    I'm considering a phone change to the Samsung Fascinate. I want to make sure that the UConnect will recognize it... anyone know of any compatibility issues? I know some new phones don't work.
  12. Problemwith Uconnect

    Electrical and Audio
    My not quite 2 month old Patriot Latitude is great, but the Uconnect system developed a problem 3 days ago. I can place calls and receive them, but I can't hear nor can anyone hear me. Anyone else have this same issue? Thanks
  13. Uconnect upgrade (UK) versus fitted bluetooth car kit

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi folks. Long time, no post, mostly because my Pat has given me no problems at all and I'm still as happy as I was on my first day of ownership. However, I've been thinking of having a bluetooth car kit installed and was planning on buying one of the Parrot kits that would also allow me to...
  14. Uconnect Mirror Wiring for 82211868 whats the grey wire? Help

    Electrical and Audio
    I am installing my Uconnect Mic Mirror into my pPatriot WHICH DID NOT HAVE AN AUTODIM MIRROR. I know I have RIGHT MIRROR, i KNOW i HAVE THE RIGHT WIRING, HOWEVE RON WIRING HARNESS 82211868 there is a black a red and a grey the directions say to hook the red to to acc power and the black to...
  15. Uconnect dealer vs factory vs diy factory and Starscan

    Electrical and Audio
    I recently purchased the REC Nav unit from a 2006 Chrysler 300. I want to add Uconnect however, I do not want to add the button as I think that looks so so aftermaket plus have heard reports of the sound sucking on it done this way. I read one post where it described buying the auto/dim...
  16. 2009 RES Uconnect & ipod install

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey, just installed the Uconnect and Ipod integration kit for my 2009 with the RES radio. Here's pics, since it's tough as hell to find a good source for dash disassembly on the 09's. 2009 Jeep Patriot 4x4. RES radio (single CD player with Satellite radio, uconnect button on the radio, iphone...
  17. uconnect pairing

    Electrical and Audio
    I´m trying to pair me LGcookie with Patriot uconnect. It seems to be registered ok but everytime I get on the car the phone keeps going on and off until I turn the bluetoth off.... heeeeelp!!! :confused:
  18. UConnect - Pairing Phone

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi guys, I tried to pair my phone with the UConnect system in my Patriot - but no luck. The phone did not detect the system (or the system didn't detect the phone). Bluetooth is activated on my phone, and I check to ensure the LG Shine was recognized on the UConnect website. When UConnect...