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  1. PCM help!

    Electrical and Audio
    ok guys and gals, I am about to make the plunge and get the b&g tune. However, I am buying a separate pcm, so my orginal factory can remain intact incase of needed repairs covered under warranty. I am looking at this...
  2. *Fastest Patriot in North America?

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hello there, guys and gals. We're nearing completion of a series of major performance upgrades, seeking to make this the fastest Jeep Patriot in the nation without the use of forced induction. It's been a lot of headache, but in the end, I hope this Pat proves to be the most powerful and fuel...
  3. Diesel Performance Tuning/Chip

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Has any one had one of these tuning houses tune the diesel up or have had a "chip" installed. I was interested to find that you can fit a DPChip (, just plug and play apparently. Even has a 10 setting adjustment up and down. Claimed increases in power...