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  1. Washington State 4x4 trails

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I'm having so much difficulty finding answers, any help would be greatly appreciated! I live in Everett and am looking for some easy 4x4 trails within an hour or two from here. My Patriot isn't lifted so I can't do anything extreme. I do have bigger tires on it though and just want to spend the...
  2. AZ Trails

    Southwest Region
    I didn't see a list of trails in AZ. So I figured that I would post the one on the AZ Offroading website. Definitely need to check these out. *Edit* This site lays out quite a few of the trail with ratings, pictures, and difficulty...
  3. Arizona Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails

    Product Reviews
    Name of Product: Arizona Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails First impressions of product: Sturdy, print quality is excellent & pictures are beautiful/motivating. Place of purchase?: What was the original...
  4. Columbus/Dayton Ohio Trails and Meet Up

    Meet & Greets / Trail Runs
    Is anyone located close to Columbus or Dayton Ohio that would be interested in meeting and running some trails? Looking for any experience with trails in this area of the Midwest as well. Know of any trails?
  5. Tri-State + Area Trails

    Northeast Region
    Found this link searching the interwebs for some legal trails... If anybody knows other good 4x4 trails, not far from the tri-state area, please post photos and and info you have...
  6. Trails in Germany

    Looking for some trails in Germany the surronding countries. Right now im pretty much getting shot down at every trail looking place i goto and dont wanna explain to my commander why I recieved some trespassing fines or something along those lines so if anyone out there can send me some links...
  7. annapolis valley

    Meet & Greets / Trail Runs
    hey there i just moved to Nova Scotia and i was just wondering if anyone knows of a place to wheel in the Annapolis valley, preferably in the Wolfville-Kentville areas. any help would be great. also if anyone is from the area and wants to go wheel with their pat gimme a shout. I'm free on most...
  8. Local AZ opinions based on experience.

    Southwest Region
    Ok guys I need some advice... I got the news today that I am PCSing (being moved) from Germany to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. So with that said most of you know or could read in my signature... I own a 2007 Jeep Patriot FDI w/5spd and an RRO Lift installed. Its currently riding on 245/65R17's but...