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tow hooks

  1. Recovery Points

    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone with a patriot that has the fog lights on the sides of the front bar, not closer to the middle (seems like just the overseas/Australian models have this but I could be wrong) has fitted recovery points? All the ones i've seen fitted are where the fog lights are...
  2. Custom Skid Plates, Tow Hooks

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hey all, I'm looking for info on how to do custom skid plates and tow hooks on my patriot. I used the search function, but haven't found much yet. I'm mostly curious on how to do tow hooks with a trailer drop hitch. I've seen in done, but I don't know the specific process, nor do I have any...
  3. Proud newbie from Chilliwack, BC, Canada

    Newbie Check-In
    Lots of good to say so far. I've been to the river three times out of the four days I've had her and its a nice ride. Really enjoy the Boston sound system. I am wondering if I could get an answer about whether its a dipstick or a plug for my tranny. Neither were there when I bought it(didn't...
  4. DIY 2011 Patriot Tow hook install

    Well here it is as promised. My first DIY. Comments and criticism appreciated. First off tow hooks were ordered from Pollard Parts Store for 170$ shipped part number is 82212577 Second I'm cheap and didn't get the lower fascia with the vents cut out (Extra 80$). So I went to the local auto...
  5. Front Tow Hooks (2011 Sport 4x4) r/t Fascia

    Presently, I have got a set of front tow hooks on order for my 2011 Sport 4x4.... :) I have rec'd some conflicting information about installation r/t the fascia... :confused: One on-line dealer tells me that I can order a lower fascia that already has the holes opened up for front tow hooks...
  6. Bumper with holes for Tow Hooks

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Quick question: due to my recent romp with couch on the highway, I've been told that my entire front bumper may need to be replaced. Being the opportunist that I am, would I be able to order the front bumper that has the pre cut holes for tow hooks to be installed by an auto-body shop...
  7. Front Tow Hook Install

    Well, I got tired of waiting for the guy who was going to cut my holes in my bumper so I did it. Not really much to it and the material is softer than I expected. First I masked the area and marked where the holes go (thanks heckler). Then I use a hole saw and cut a hole in each corner and...