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  1. Newbie Check-In
    I just bought a 2017 North edition. I’m looking to put it on a more aggressive stance, does anyone have recommendations for offset wheels/tires that don’t break the bank and don’t require the weld correction? Thanks!
  2. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Just looking for recommendations for my 2016 Jeep Patriot FWD. 205/70/16 is the size I am looking for. I live in Nebraska so I experience all types of weather. Most important to me is the durability and the tire that will last me the longest. Thank you!
  3. Great Plains Region
    Just looking for recommendations on the best tires to go with for Nebraska weather. 205/70/16
  4. Suspension and Tires
    Sorry if this has been covered, I’m sure it has. I’m new to the forum and just bought my first Patriot. It’s a 2016 High Altitude. I’m looking at a 2” suspension lift and 225/75R15s. Is there a particular offset and/or backspacing I will need and is there anything else I need to be concerned with?
  5. Suspension and Tires
    So I've spent some time around here searching threads and I know this question has been asked, but. lot of the posts seem old and the pictures are no longer available. So... I'm curious about what option I would have on getting my 2013 base model 2wd patriot a little higher off the ground...
  6. Suspension and Tires
    Heres what I’ve been spending on lately :) No lift or spacers, ProComp 31 series 15x8 rim with a 19mm offset paired with 235/75R15 Goodyear Trailrunners. Surprisingly handles close to stock but its rubbing on the pinch weld so I’ll have to take care of that later. Enjoy!
  7. Suspension and Tires
    hello, I'm wanting to make my jeep stand taller, i want to put bigger wheels and tires on it, and i want to give it a wider stance... any suggestions? I'm thinking something like a 2 inch lift.
  8. Suspension and Tires
    Hey guys so I am new to this and just got my first keep two days ago, 2015 Patriot. I have been doing research about lift kits and wanted something but not to aggressive and something were I wouldn’t have to change much else. Anyone have any experience with Daystars 1.5” lift kit? I’m planning...
  9. New tires

    BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 225/65R17 with Rough Country 2" lift/leveling kit
  10. New tires

    BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 225/65R17 with Rough Country 2" lift/leveling kit
  11. New tires

    BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 225/65R17 with Rough Country N3 lifted struts
  12. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    What size beefy tire can I put on my 2015 patriot that will fit my 16" rims, max size without heavy modifications, please help
  13. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Sup patriot nuts! I am in desperate help of figuring out my max tire size that is for a 17" rim on my 2" lifted patriot so I can stop thinking so much
  14. Suspension and Tires
    I just bought out the lease of my 2016 FD1, and the stock 225/60/17 Kumhos gotta go. I want to get all-terrain 225/65/17 as I heard it won't rub. I mostly do on road, but wanna get into the occasional off roading, and be confident in the snow. I don't think I want the BFG K02 because I'm usually...
  15. Suspension and Tires
    Hi All, Brand new to the forum and the Patriot. A little about me: Im a big time Miata fan, been driving them since 1990, first model year. It took about 2 secs to realize that even being single, the Miata is ridiculously impractical so Ive always owned a second car. Just gave my 1999 Grand...
  16. Suspension and Tires
    I am sorry for asking this as it drives most crazy but my question is a little different. I can quickly find what the biggest tires I can put on my Jeep are if it were stock but I am having trouble finding anything about bigger tires for non-stock Jeeps. Between my aftermarket rims and my...
  17. Detailing 101
    lets see some ideas for the patriot. custom jobs
  18. Suspension and Tires
    I have a 2014 Jeep Patriot Latitude. I'm having the Rough Country 2 inch leveling kit installed later in the month and i'm looking for answers on modifications that need to be done. I plan on getting 235/65/r17's on the stock wheels that came with the latitude since they're good looking and...
  19. 4X2 Patriot Discussion
    So I have the 2017 75th anniversary jeep patriot. and I was curious if it was possible to lift it. I know that lift kits only work on the 4x4, but is there some way to lift a 2x4. Like using spacers or something. Also curious what the biggest tires that the stock rims could fit without any...
  20. Exterior
    I'm looking for any shop in the Ontario/Rancho area that can help me do modifications in for my 17' Jeep Patriot. I just bought a second hand one and I'm trying to let it look and feel brand new! Looking for some good rims and tires right now and will do the rest of the modifications after. Any...
1-20 of 108 Results