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sunroof leak

  1. Class action suit filed against Chrysler for sunroof leaks!

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    Those of us who have been struggling with leaks blamed on the Patriot's sunroof appear to have someone fighting for us.. I found this today: Keefe Bartels files Class Action Suit against Chrysler Group, LLC Red Bank, NJ: The trial lawyers of Keefe Bartels, LLC have, with Poulos LoPiccolo PC and...
  2. another day, another leak (to all new and potential patriot owners)

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    covered all the bases by now, hit a grand slam. front, mid, rear dome lights, and now a-pillar also. i'm going to go for the door, the floor, and maybe b-pillar also soon enough. and soon enough, your patriot will be like this too, and then you will understand. this is what you should...