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  1. Suspension and Tires
    Hey guys! So I bought a stock 2014 Jeep Patriot 4WD Sport (not the trail-rated model) and was wondering if anyone here knows what the stock clearance is for the vehicle. I remember reading somewhere that it was 19", but I'm not sure if that was just for the trail-rated model. If you can...
  2. Knowledge Base Submission Forum
    I’ve wanted to upgrade my 2014 Pat Sport audio for a while, but didn’t want to change the basic radio (I like the look). Early on I upgraded the speakers (all from Walmart, Kicker 6X9 front, Panasonic 6X9 rear as the Kickers were too deep for the rear); noticed the rear door panels buzz when I...
  3. Newbie Check-In
    Hi everybody! A month ago i got my new patriot latitude. Four days later we took it off road. I have to say i didn't expect much but i was seriously surprised! I opted for the manual (even though i wouldn't have low range) but to tell you the truth I didn't need it! The main questions i would...
  4. Electrical and Audio
    I bought my 08 limited and the screen was blown and had it replaced under warranty last week. I want to upgrade to an aftermarket to instal an amp so I'm looking to sell mine. Comes out of the BA premium system. I'll accept paypal or would meet up with you if you live near...
  5. Suspension and Tires
    So I need to buy new tires this year in order to pass state inspection. I really do not want to replace the stock tires that come with the pat(205/70/16 Goodyear Eagle LS 2). I can't stand that this is the only Original tire for this car and the price is not cheap compared to other tires out...
  6. Electrical and Audio
    Where exactly are the stock tweeters located? Where do you recommend installing after market tweeters?
  7. Suspension and Tires
    1XXR 002 Cherry Red 2MSR STYLE 068 MATTE BLACK/RED STRIPE WHEELS 3Unique Wheel 4 XXR 510 black machined wheels 5XXR 2 Dark Red
  8. Suspension and Tires
    I was hoping some one here could help me find some rims that could fit the tires that came with my Patriot Sport.
  9. The Outpost
    So I have my winter treads on and I am ready to part with the Goodyears as I will be replacing them in the spring. I am selling these tires very cheap. Between $20-$40 The reason they will vary is because the condition on 3 of the 4 is not so hot. Although the tires have just over 10k miles...
  10. The Outpost
    Hello Jeepsters! Up for sale, I have a set of 4 stock 16" rims off of my Jeep Patriot 2007 Sport. Jeep Patriot '07-'10, 16x6.5, 5 lug, 5 spoke silver styled steel wheel. Make a fair offer, I'm ready to part ways.
  11. The Outpost
    Thanks for looking at my post. I am interested in purchasing stock (or not depending on style) 17 inch rims and tires for 07-10 Patriots. If you have some for sale, shoot me a message or post on here. Thanks- Stick
  12. California
    Hello, Just wanted to post that I have a set of four stock wheels for sale. I got new rims when I first bought the jeep and had intentions on using the stock ones for winter. I am moving to Fordia to a small apartment and have no where to store them now. I live in SFbay but will be making my way...
  13. The Outpost
    all I can find is nav bezels looking to spend around 10 dollars thanks
  14. Interior
    Mine has a giant scratch on it and it looks terrible, and all i can find are nav bezels I'll but one from someone, but I cant find it anywhere looking to spend like $10 its ridiculous :confused:
  15. 4X2 Patriot Discussion
    "off-road" 4x2 - fresh off the trail - new pics! Updated with Occotillo on Post 53 [link] and Otay Truck Trail on Post 72 [link] We decided to go up to Joshua Tree Nat'l Park today, since it's been raining a lot there was a lot of mud & huge puddles. Needless to say, our Patriot has officially...
1-15 of 16 Results