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  1. Need to add sub amp to factory radio

    Electrical and Audio
    Im going to add a sub to the factory head unit. Is there an adapter i can buy that will add RCA's and a Accessory power, or do i need to splice in to the door speakers and add a LOC? I drive a 2015 jeep patriot sport with the stock 3 speaker sound system
  2. Complete Audio/Electric Re-Fit, Lights, Wheelset

    Build Threads
    Haven't posted on this site yet, figured I'd do it now as I have just gotten my car back from the audio shop where it underwent some overhauling and thought maybe people would want to check it out, along with some other little things I did. Let me know what you think or if you have any questions...
  3. 2014 Patriot w/ Boston Acoustics Upgrade

    Electrical and Audio
    Happy 2016 Jeep fam! So, this will come to shock to some of you, but I will be upgrading all the speakers in my 2014 Patriot. Despite some of the rave reviews on the Boston Acoustic audio package, the quality is just not up to par for me. I'm used to my good 'ol JBL's and plan on upgrading to...
  4. Best speaker upgrade good quality/price ratio

    Electrical and Audio
    I'm sure there is a lot of post about this subject but can you tell me what's the best speaker upgrade good quality/price ratio that we can do in our Riots.
  5. Alpine 6x9, K&N, Weathertech

    The Outpost
    I recently got rid of my Patriot and have a couple parts I am hoping someone here can use: - 1 pair Alpine SPS619 6 x 9 speakers. Installed for about 8 months, in great working order and definitely improve the audio in the Patriot. $50 - K&N Air Filter. Installed for about 32,000 miles...
  6. 430N Uconnect (4 Speaker setup) Opinions

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey guys! Just purchased a brand new 2015 Jeep Patriot Latitude 4x4 High Altitude Edition and totally stoked! Joined the forum because I love looking at everyone's Patriots but also because I had a quick question. I have the standard speaker setup that comes with the Patriot. This setup is two...
  7. 1-Hr Subwoofer Install Figured Out

    Knowledge Base Submission Forum
    I’ve wanted to upgrade my 2014 Pat Sport audio for a while, but didn’t want to change the basic radio (I like the look). Early on I upgraded the speakers (all from Walmart, Kicker 6X9 front, Panasonic 6X9 rear as the Kickers were too deep for the rear); noticed the rear door panels buzz when I...
  8. installing Pioneer TS-A6965R

    Electrical and Audio
    yesterday i ordered the Pioneer TS-A6965R speakers. i got 4 to replace my stock system. they should be here in 4 days. i will install them asap and post everything on this thread. so tell me what you guys think.
  9. Speaker Reco for 2013 Patriot/Latitude

    Electrical and Audio
    I want to replace the front/back door speakers that came with my 2013 Patriot/Latitude. I did not purchase the Boston Acoustic Premium sound system so I just have the base system. I was interested in the Rockford Fosgate but when I plug in my variables on Amazon and/or Crutchfield it says it...
  10. Alpine SPR-69s

    Electrical and Audio
    To anyone who has installed these, is this an easy swap or are there any alterations that will need to be made? I'm hoping for an easy "unscrew the old, screw in the new" installation. I have the required speaker wire harnesses and the Torx bits. Will probably attempt the install this week...
  11. After Market 6x9 problems

    Electrical and Audio
    I just replaced all of the stock speakers with 4 kicker DS693s. I just have the stock head unit with 4 speaker system on my 2012 patriot. All of the speakers are working, but I feel like I have lost volume and have have almost no bass (even worse than the stock speakers) and I know that the...
  12. Installing Infinity Reference in all 4 doors

    Electrical and Audio
    Waiting on my 4 harnesses to arrive from Crutchfield, then I'll be installing my Infinity Reference 6x9's in all 4 doors :pepper:I'll post pics for everyone. I'm still looking for a solid double din DVD touchscreen interface with bluetooth. My biggest concern right now is maintaining steering...
  13. Putting in 2 alpine 12" type R's. Capacitor?

    Electrical and Audio
    I have a 2007 patriot. I just bought a hifonics BRZ1700 it will push 2 alpine type R 12's. I am going to wire it for 1200x1 @2ohms RMS. My first question is, do I need to get a capacitor? or a bigger battery? I had a similar system in a mustang with a V8 and never had any problems, but I...
  14. Another Speaker Installation Question...

    Electrical and Audio
    Hello, So I was looking at the speaker install thread in the knowledge base... Does anyone know if it matters if you have manual or power windows? I like the RF speakers, and Murman said that they fit his 2011 Patriot, but it does not say if he has manual or power windows. I have power...
  15. Complete Boston Acoustic Factory Stereo For Sale

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey guys, I have the factory premium BA stereo that came in my 2009 Pat, and would like to sell it. It was only in my Pat for a few weeks before I replaced it with all new aftermarket gear. I have all the amps and speakers, including the rear 6" subwoofer. I can sell it as a package or part it...
  16. All Speakers Not Working

    Electrical and Audio
    Greetings, Our 2008 Jeep Patriot recently died. We replaced the battery. In the process, we momentarily had the polarity reversed. What an idiot! In any case, for 2-3 seconds the new battery (with side terminals that were opposite the old battery) was connected. When we got it connected...
  17. 2010 dash removal

    I'm upgrading the dash speakers for the BA system so i decided today to try to remove the dash to access their location. I unscrewed every screw and popped every clip but, the passenger side of the dash just in the area of the airbag logo didn't seem to want to budge. I could get the drivers...
  18. Factory radio for sale

    The Outpost
    I know, I know! I don't want it, why would anyone else?!:doh: But you never know....sooo: Factory RES nothing fancy about it $75 shipped in the lower 48. Hell, I will throw in the factory speakers(keep in mind I have removed the connectors, but they still work). If you are feeling inventive...
  19. Stopping vibrations from speakers.

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a cost effective way to stop the random vibrations from the loud bass in my Pat? I have the Premium sound group and I'm a drummer so bass is a must have when i listen to music. I happens the most in the both front doors and the passenger side rear door...
  20. Customized Audio System

    Electrical and Audio
    I wanted to put a custom stereo system in my 08 Pat, only problem is, I have no idea where to put the sub's. I have Dual 12 JL's that are incredible speakers. As for the Amp, again, I have no idea where to put it. I don't want to lose the functionality of the fold flat seats and the space in the...