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  1. Suspension and Tires
    I just bought a 2009 Patriot 4x4 sport. It currently has 215/65 r17. I also own an 06 wrangler and want to swap the tires and wheels from the Wrangler to the Patriot. I found the lug pattern to be the same but the Wrangler has 245/75 r16. Can anyone tell me what mods I would need to do to the...
  2. 20210111_141523.jpg

    Swapped tail lights and break light, just added 1.25 titan spacers and 235/65/17 Toyo Observe. Sidesteps 3" and matching 3" bull bar going on this weekend. Also swapping out the headings to led 7" wrangler. Have the conversion brackets already. More pics to come.
  3. Suspension and Tires
    I have a 2014 Jeep Patriot Latitude. I'm having the Rough Country 2 inch leveling kit installed later in the month and i'm looking for answers on modifications that need to be done. I plan on getting 235/65/r17's on the stock wheels that came with the latitude since they're good looking and...
  4. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hey all - This is going to be a long winded post, hoping someone can figure out what is going on with my Jeep though. I recently purchased 2.5 inch spacers for my 2016 Jeep Patriot, which gives it a sweet off-road look to it without having to lift it. I love it. HOWEVER, I have an issue...
  5. The Outpost
    LOWER PRICE: $150 These have never been on a vehicle. Brand new. They fit the patriot. I just found a wheel that gave me the look I was going for. Set of 4.
  6. Suspension and Tires
    Here's my new set up 235/65/17 Geolander H/Ts with 1,25 spacers, no rub
  7. Suspension and Tires
    Last night I had to change a suspensions part on my Riot. So I needed to pull off my wheels and when I unscrewed my bolts, the lug of my spacers broke. 2 of 5 lugs broke on only one spacer, maybe this one was a lemon? I'm very surprised, I wrote a message to the seller 'cause I had the spacers...
  8. Suspension and Tires
    so from what i've gathered, the best spacer is 1.25 inch, or 32mm. nobody has mentioned their studs hitting their wheels. does this mean the spacers are thick enough so the stock studs dont protrude, or are you guys shaving your studs and not mentioning it. looking at getting these...
  9. Suspension and Tires
    Lookin' to get Geolandar A-T-S 235/65/17 Tires installed on my '08 4x4 (FDI) Will these fit with 1.25" Spacers? Or is the RRO lift going to be mandatory in order to run these tires. Different shops are telling me different things so i figured I'd ask the forum. Any help is much appreciated. L
1-9 of 9 Results