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  1. Replacing Shifter Boot

    Has anyone replaced the 5 speed shift boot on an '07 or '08? Not sure why they put rubber shift boots on them because they aren't flexible and just tear. I don't really want to pay $40 for the OEM because its just going to get torn up again, plus leather looks a lot nicer. But I don't know how...
  2. 08 Compass in Neutral but shifter is in park?!

    Engine and Drivetrain
    So I have an 08 Compass, M battery died a few days ago and I was planning on getting a new one today. i've had it jumped off with no problem, well last night i got jumped off and i went to place it in drive and nothing hapopend so i pushed it into park to try again. Well then the dash showed...
  3. Change Autostick

    Whats up everyone. I am a new owner of a 2014 Patriot Latitude. I've had it for about a month now. I have made some mods to it already. I recently had to lay to rest my 2002 white Jeep Cherokee..... I miss her so much but the body style of the patriot reminds me of her. I am in need of some...
  4. 5 Speed Shifter Boot - (2008)

    Hello Everyone: I have looked through a lot of the forums without much luck, so I thought I would post another thread. My apologies of this information *is* located somewhere else, but I could not find it. My 5-speed 2008 Patriot has a black rubber shifter boot (standard), but the seams are...
  5. 2011 Patriot Shifter Knob

    2011 Jeep Patriot - manual trans (5 speed) The plastic cap on the top of my MANUAL shifter knob broke :( I want to buy a new ball type knob, but I'd like to understand how to do the removal and installation before diving in. I've already searched the forums and couldn't get a definitive...
  6. Stuck shifter and/or transmission

    Engine and Drivetrain
    I've got a 2008 4WD FDII which seems to be in a "Catch 22" mode. What happen was that I pulled into the parking lot at work today and put the shifter into the Park position. I turned off the engine and let up off the brake pedal and noticed that the vehicle was drifting backwards. I pulled up...