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  1. 2016 Patriot INTERNAL RUST

    Hi all. This is my very first post here. Actually my very first post on any car related forum. Anyway, I have a one month old 2016 Jeep Patriot and found something very disturbing under the dash this morning as I looked for where the OBD port was. I found what seems to be fairly substantial...
  2. Paint Bubbled/Chipped Rear Wheel Well

    Hi, I noticed above my passenger side rear wheel well the red paint was bubbling... Now a bubble has been chipped off ( the paint came off ) and there is a little spot of rust. There is more bubbling along the wheel well too that is cracked.. How much would it cost to get this fixed? Not only...
  3. My First Thread: 2 questions

    Newbie Check-In
    Hi, I bought a used Jeep Patriot Limited 2007. Want new rear control arms and rear struts (not broken, just has a little rust... I want new parts). Springs were already replaced by previous owner. But I want to replaced some stuff in the rear. Where do you order your suspension from online...
  4. MrJeepR44's wheel hub rust cleanup

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    So last fall I took a look at my wheel hubs and noticed slight rust. About a month ago I got the stuff to clean it and take care of it, but never got around to it until today. I was pleased to see the rust hadn't really gotten much worse since I last checked it. To clean it, I used WD40 and a...
  5. Rust Problems already?!

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Looking through the Jeep, I noticed a lot of Rust, which seems premature. As is pretty common, I also have the rust issues on the inner door hinges, but I was a bit shocked when I saw this. The first picture is of a bracket, right behind the engine cover. The top of the hinge is already...
  6. 2007: Front quarter body panel is Rusting already

    Not to happy when I noticed this.... An area about the size of a quarter, near my front driver turn signal is already rusting from inside. I can't see what caused this: there is no pit that I can see, and from underneath, the area's protected from stones by the plastic wheel well. Paint's...
  7. Clay bar before and after pics

    Detailing 101
  8. Love Affair is Over

    Suspension and Tires
    I was one of the first to join here back in '07 when I got my new Patriot. I loved it, but the years haven't been so good to her, even though well cared for.... This week I had over $1200.00 in front end work... Suspension, ball joints, etc. I was told they see a lot of this on Patriots. Never...
  9. Rust Issues

    Anybody has rusting issues so far? Mine doesn't, it is only 3 months old but it is one of my main worry considering having my Patriot for as long as possible. What do you guys think about the Patriot rusting?