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  1. DIY Spacer Lift Kit w/ STUCoils - Installed

    Suspension and Tires
    I put these on a few months back along with a new set of Monroe struts and STUCoils. I already had STUCoils, which gave about an inch over stock on my FDII but I wanted to get more lift without any binding of the inner CV joints (especially the front drivers side) when running disconected...
  2. Trying to figure out offset for new wheels

    Suspension and Tires
    So I currently have a stock 08 Patriot 4x4 sport and have been thinking about getting the RRO lift along with some new wheels and tires. I was looking at 225/75/16 Duratracs along with some wheels but I understand the stock wheels have an offset of 40mm, would getting wheels with 0 offset cause...
  3. Fat-riot FDII

    Newbie Check-In
    Just got our 2012 Patriot FD2. We've had a Liberty KK and a JK Rubicon- but so far we love the Patriot (nicknamed the Fat-Riot). Took it up some mountain roads near Mt. Ranier. Was VERY impressed. We live in the city and its a lot more practical than the Ruby...but still has some off road chops...
  4. For Sale: Like New Rocky Road Lift Kit - $250

    Suspension and Tires
    What's up guys? About two years ago, I purchased the RRO lift kit for my brand new 2012 Jeep Patriot. I loved that Jeep to death and was all set to love it even more with the 2 1/8" lift from Rocky Road when before I had a chance to install it I totaled it due to ice. It has been gathering dust...
  5. RRO Super Sliders vs. Nerf Bars

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I think my next project will be adding some type of rock bars to my Patriot. Who has the RRO Super Sliders and are they worth the price tag ($409 before shipping)? I can get nerf bars for below $200 shipped(MoJeepin has a similar set up.)...
  6. RRO winch + brush bar

    Build Threads
    Hello everyone! (my first thread, woot! lol) My apologies if a thread like this has been made already, but I couldn't find one... anyhoo. I was looking into the RRO Series 2 winch and brush bar. I've seen maybe one or two Jeeps with them online. Anyone else out there have one? How was the...
  7. Work in Progress - 2010 Patriot Limited

    Newbie Check-In
    My name is Oliver and I am new to the forum and the Jeep community. I purchased my Pat about 8 months ago and have been working on it for the past couple of months now. The day I bought it: Trip to Colorado two weeks ago: Gear shift knob: Plasti-Dipping in process: Most recent...
  8. RRO lift kit unstable?

    Suspension and Tires
    Just lifted my Patriot. Alignment is right on but while driving on the roadways in mushy snow in 4x4 with ESP on my jeep is all over the place. Tried with ESP off and it didnt help. Felt like driving on grease. Any suggestions? I also put brand new Gabriel struts. Everything is tight and solid...
  9. RRO

    Newbie Check-In
    I have a 2008 Sport with 149000 on it. Standard 2.4L. I'll be installing the RRO lift this week. I have my eye on a set of rims (American Racing) 16x7 5x4.5s. I lifted another Patriot back in 2008. The only issue I had was torque steer became very evident on the highway. The newer product...
  10. Mtny: The Same but Different

    Build Threads
    I'm probably not going to be doing anything too extreme with the Pat, mostly to make it as useful as it can be for weekend camping trips and traveling to and from PA where I work. Pretty basic, but enough to set it apart from the rest of the Patriots around town and be functional when I need it...
  11. RRO and new tires installed on my 2010 4X4

    Suspension and Tires
    Got my RRO installed a couple months ago and threw on some new tires last week. Falken Wildpeak A/Ts 235/70/17 on factory wheels. There is a fair amount of rub at full lock, especially turning right but I plan on installing wheel spacers this week to fix it. They are fairly heavy and brought...
  12. RRO Brush guard and winch kit fitting 14'

    Hi I am interested in purchasing a bull bar or brush guard for my 2014 Patriot. Through the forums here I see that Rocky Road Outfitters has this bull bar available: Do you guys know if this will cover the fog lights on a 2014 Jeep Patriot? If...
  13. For Sale: Used Rocky Road Lift Kit - $200

    The Outpost
    Hello. I have a RRO lift kit that I removed from my Patriot after about 4 months of use. It's in fine shape - I just didn't love it, is all. It's ready for re-installation in your 2007-2012 Patriot (or Compass). A bargain for $200 + shipping. They sell new on the Rocky Road website for $379 +...
  14. RRO lift kit torque steer issue

    Suspension and Tires
    Hey folks, I'm new on the forum and was wondering if anyone else has experienced serious torque steer issues with the RRO lift installed. The strange thing is, the issue is not limited to the times when I'm accelerating - often, I'll just be driving, and the wheels will dart left or right for no...
  15. Will the RRO lift and +1" springs from the patriot work together on my compass?

    Suspension and Tires
    Hello, this is my first post. I'm wondering if at all possible can the RRO lift be used in addition to the +1" patriot springs on my compass. If so will it destroy my CV's? Thanks everyone, this site has already been a wealth of information to me.
  16. Info about the RRO lift kit?

    Suspension and Tires
    Can anyone who bought the RRO Lift Kit tell me if they had any problems with it. I am looking at buying it but i dont want to be disapointed.
  17. 3.625" lifted FDI next to a Limited FDII

    Suspension and Tires
    Today I found the Red FDII parked by my place of employment and decided to take a few pictures. What a difference my 29.5" tires and 2.125" RRO lift make! btw, the alignment job was done to Jeep's specs (February 13, 2009) and all angles were taken from the rims and not the...
  18. RRO Lift Owners

    Suspension and Tires
    Of all of the members here that have RRO lift equipped Patriots, how many have installed the kit with their own two hands? Just finished her off February 08, 2009 after midnight in a military parking lot. 44 degrees fahrenheit, 15 mph winds from the northwest, hand tools and a flashlight.