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  1. Cross-bar Dimensions

    Hey everyone, I hate to beat a dead horse but I am working away from home at the moment and have some roof bar questions. I have settled on a rack but I am not able to whip out the tape measure to get accurate measurements for the roof bars. I was hoping some people would be kind enough to post...
  2. 2014 Jeep Patriot Roof Basket

    I just bought a brand new 2014 Patriot. I have already did some modifications by blacking out the rims and all the emblems. I'm trying to fin a rack for it that will go from the back to behind the sun roof then extend to the front so i can add LED lights in the front. Any help would work.
  3. vinyl wrapping the roof gloss black

    i recently got tints and was looking at getting the roof wrapped in gloss black to match. i am part of a car club called team rebellion and we were recently sponsored by EHdecals and they said they can do it for $150. is this a good deal? should i do it?
  4. how much is too much?

    So I have just purchased a new 2014 Jepp Patriot and I have a lot of gear left over from my last vehicle. (bike racks, roof racks, safari basket...etc) I am wondering, because I have not had a chance to go out and start adding onto my pat yet. Does anyone know how far the Thule 58" bars will...
  5. jeep Patriot - HAULING MACHINE!

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Ok, so our Pat's aren't full size pickups, but I do think they're versatile and can carry a lot. This weekend, helped a friend move an apartment’s worth of furniture out of a storage unit. There was a couch that needed to get donated to Goodwill, and it obviously wouldn’t fit in the...
  6. Yakima cross bars mounted

    I've been wanting a pair of Yakima cross bars for a long time. But, being stingy as I am, couldn't justify the price for a new pair. So when my father got a new car, i snagged his old pair off of the 2002 Montero Sport. The Montero was a beast off road, and finally kicked the dust after...
  7. Roof Rain Gutter?

    Ok, so i bought a used 2008 FD1 about a month. It's in pristine condition, and the prior driver took great care of it. I Love it, and it's a great vehicle. However, leaving work the other day, i noticed the rain gutter on the roof. It seemed a little odd, like a piece of plastic had come...
  8. Shopping in canada

    Hi all, looking for the best place in toronto to buy and /or install some cross bars. looks like I only got the railings in my purchase any contacts? tahnsk b
  9. Roof Rack infro wanted- Ontario -

    Hi, I just got my new Patriot 4x4 north plus edition (my 3rd jeep). I didnt realise it doesnt come with any kind of roof bars. Anyone know of where I can either get one to put on my self (within canada) or get someone else to do it that will be cheaper than the dealer? I want a basic one for...
  10. headliner

    is there any space between the headliner and the roof or is the material glued directly to the metal?