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  1. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hey y'all, In a little over a month, we are about to take our 111,000 mile 2007 Patriot on a 4000+ mile road trip from the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of The Outer banks North Carolina (and back again). We'll be two adults and a baby in the middle-back seat. It's going to be a tight...
  2. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    So a here’s a question (idk if it belongs here) What was the longest trip you took in your Jeep Patriot. I have a Bucket List dream that I want to cross off which is driving from my home state of NEW YORK all the way to CALIFORNIA (5,678m/9137km round trip minimum) hopefully within the coming...
  3. Build Threads
    Username: Garrett Year: 2011 Make: Jeep Model: Patriot Trim: Latitude Color: Black I've been living out of a van for a company called Howler Brothers this summer creating content for them. I'm a photographer by trade and absolutely loved being on the road... so much in fact that I've decided to...
  4. Adventure Threads
    Post has been added to my adventure thread;
1-4 of 4 Results