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  1. Engine and Drivetrain
    Today while driving on the highway, I heard a clicking/rattling noise start for the first time. I have never heard this noise before and it continued for my entire drive. I noticed it only happens above roughly 45 mph, regardless of engine speed or what gear I’m in. My reason for concern is that...
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    2009 patriot sport. 65,000 miles. Noticed a rattle in engine driving Saturday night, coming home. Wasn't sure where from, checked all fluids, power steering fluid was low, topped off, changed oil just in case. No change. I let it idle and tried to hear where it was coming from, can't tell so...
  3. Exterior
    Hello: I know this is a minor problem, but I thought I would ask and see if any of you have found an easy fix for this issue: My used 2008 Patriot came with a set of the "chrome"ish full size wheel covers (I am used to calling them hubcaps) that fit over the stock 16 inch stamped rims (see...
  4. Interior
    Anyone had an issue with a rattle/flapping noise heard mostly form the front passenger seat? I checked the mirror and antena and both do not have any play. Thought it may have been recirculate door for a/c but noise is present with either recirculate or fresh air. I have run out of ideas, any...
  5. Suspension and Tires
    When driving over over cobblestone roads in turns with at least light steering wheel movement i get a metal sound rattle from the front. I don´t get the sound when driving straight forward. Mechanics already replaced the bolds mentioned in the RRT but it didn´t help. He checked and fastened all...
  6. Electrical and Audio
    I am very worried that I will have some excessive rattling inside my car. My main reason for concern is the plastic floor. Does anyone have experience with subs in a patriot? I would love to know if you have any problems with rattling?
1-6 of 6 Results