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  1. Interior
    Hello my name is Raily, i need some help guys. i got 2 Jeep Patriot from an auction, 1 is 2015 the second one is 2016, both were into car accidents, i will be fixing the 2015 because is in better shape but that one have manual windows, i need to know if its possible to transfer all the...
  2. Electrical and Audio
    Hi All, I searched for old posts on this, and the best I could find was from 4-5 years back that never got an answer, so hopefully I'm not parroting anything. So I have a 2011 Patriot Sport, and the power windows sometimes just don't work. It's completely sporatic, and I can't recreate it...
  3. Interior
    i got my 2010 pat with FDII but it didnt come with power windows or power locks....does anybody know roughly how much it would cost to have power windows/locks and an alarm installed? i went to one place by my house and all he did was type into a calculator and came up with $1000 as a...
1-3 of 3 Results