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  1. Electrical and Audio
    Last weekend my vehicle had the same symptoms. It wouldn't shift from park, the headlights automatically came on, instrument cluster wouldn't work, and the power locks also wouldn't work. I replaced the battery and immediately fixed the issue. I left the dentist yesterday and had the same exact...
  2. Interior
    *I've done a QUICK search and I didn't find anything useful.* I bought aftermarket power locks for my base model 2015 Pat. When I installed all of them, the rear actuators TRIES to actuate and unlock/lock the door but it doesn't have enough force. HOWEVER, when the engine is started and on...
  3. Interior
    i got my 2010 pat with FDII but it didnt come with power windows or power locks....does anybody know roughly how much it would cost to have power windows/locks and an alarm installed? i went to one place by my house and all he did was type into a calculator and came up with $1000 as a...
1-3 of 3 Results