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  1. Electrical and Audio
    I searched and read a few reviews on the LED headlamps (Seems as though the GTR brand is preferred)! But then in one review a poster said he reverted to the "DDM's 55W HID" head lamps and was happier! So for those of you who have upgraded which is it, LED or HID? What are the pro's and...
  2. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hi, Has anyone successfully installed HID headlights into their PAT? I have a posting here, but just can't seem to get an answer: What issues are others having with HID headlight installation? What harness or equipment did you...
  3. Electrical and Audio
    Hi, Now that I have completed my HID fogs, I am wondering if there is a 2011 Patriot HID projector headlight out there? I am looking for a direct replacement headlight with the projector built in; I have the round headlight. I do not want to retrofit a projector into the current headlight...
1-3 of 3 Results