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oil leak

  1. Howling sound, loss of power, oil leak when running (2008 Jeep Patriot turbo diesel)

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi there from Australia I have a 2008 diesel 6spd manual, Yesterday I put the foot down from a intersection (up a hill) and lost power and got the oil light coming on. I slowed down and stopped and the oil light went away. So I started to take off again, it seemed to not have any power and...
  2. Front diff got leaky oil on it

    Engine and Drivetrain
    09 FD1 manual 4x4. Got 25000kms and front diff covered in oil. Looks like a weeping hole but you never know. I normally think of a weeping hole as an indicator that an interior seal somewhere is leaking. Took it in and they're telling me it's a transmission overflow, nothing wrong. Could've...