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  1. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    What size beefy tire can I put on my 2015 patriot that will fit my 16" rims, max size without heavy modifications, please help
  2. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I searched the internet for about a week looking into different forums and build lists and It seems that nobody has created a locking differential system beyond modifying the BLD system to be more "aggressive". Does anyone know of a locking dif system for the Patriot? if not, then my...
  3. Adventure Threads
    Went on my first real outing in my new 4X4 Pat today, figured it earned an adventure thread. Came across a flooded area on the trail at the end of the day and gave it a couple passes since my friend had his drone with him, figured it'd make for some nice footage which I'll post after he edits...
  4. Southwest Region
    I decided to create this thread to showcase day trips I have thoroughly planned out. This thread could eventually help us Arizonians plan out trips in the future with other fellow members. I'll keep updating the list as plans are created in the future with bumps to notify readers of newly...
  5. Adventure Threads
    Adventure #1 August 8th, 2015 We planned out a trip to Sedona with a friend I met through G+ He likes to hit the trails with his Tahoe, but brought his Suburban for this trip. We stopped at the visitor center for our day passes and realized it was Smokey the Bears birthday, they offered free...
  6. Suspension and Tires
  7. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    falls in love at 0:56
  8. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hey guys I'm driving to Denver, CO next week and was wondering if anyone had some tips on where I could do some light off-roading. Bone stock Jeep so nothing too crazy.
  9. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hello all! Got my first jeep today - 2009 limited 4wd in black with 75000km. Looks brand new :) So I have a question about the off road capabilities and freedom drive system. I am in Australia and as far as I know there is only one freedom drive option. Is this still capable and will it get me...
  10. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    there are quite a few vids on their channel...heres one:
  11. Southwest Region
    Ok guys I need some advice... I got the news today that I am PCSing (being moved) from Germany to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. So with that said most of you know or could read in my signature... I own a 2007 Jeep Patriot FDI w/5spd and an RRO Lift installed. Its currently riding on 245/65R17's but...
  12. Tri-State MK's
    Here is video of the Tri-State MKs Trail Ride. Will H, firemothjoe, Will H's buddy Dan and his Cherokee, at the end there are some other vehicles at the quarry section of the Badlands.
1-12 of 12 Results