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  1. Newbie Check-In
    Hi everybody! A month ago i got my new patriot latitude. Four days later we took it off road. I have to say i didn't expect much but i was seriously surprised! I opted for the manual (even though i wouldn't have low range) but to tell you the truth I didn't need it! The main questions i would...
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    First off, I am a Noob, and not that well versed in working on cars. I change oil, plugs, brake pads, and bulbs, but that’s about it. I have 120K miles on my car, and want to change the serpentine belt. It looks ok, and does not make any noises, but it must be time. The maintenance schedule also...
  3. Newbie Check-In
    I just joined. I bought the original, 2007 1/2 model Jeep Patriot with the 4x4 and CVT2 "Trail Rated" / "Freedom Drive 2" package. I currently have 36,000 miles on it. I haven't had a lick of issues, and just had its 30,000 mile overhaul about 7,000 miles ago. I just joined because I've been...
  4. Exterior
    I've been looking at a few different roof racks. I haven't been able to get a good upclose look at the mopar ones. If anyone has any pictures of how they look and how they are attached (ie do they require unscrewing the side rails) it would be much appreciated.
  5. Newbie Check-In
    First time Jeep owner, long time lover. Cash for Clunkers is the shiz Hope to learn alot from you guys :notworthy:
1-5 of 5 Results