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  1. Electrical and Audio
    Anyone used one of these? I want to install my new radar detector high on my windshield and don't want cords dangling. If you installed one, how hard was it to fit the probes into the wiring harness? I know you have to have an auto dimming mirror for this to work, got that covered.
  2. Electrical and Audio
    I am installing my Uconnect Mic Mirror into my pPatriot WHICH DID NOT HAVE AN AUTODIM MIRROR. I know I have RIGHT MIRROR, i KNOW i HAVE THE RIGHT WIRING, HOWEVE RON WIRING HARNESS 82211868 there is a black a red and a grey the directions say to hook the red to to acc power and the black to...
  3. Newbie Check-In
    Hello Everyone! My Patriot decided to high-five a snow/ice pile the other day and I knocked the glass out of my passenger side mirror. I bought a replacement part, but it won't stay mounted. Has anyone had a similar issue? It seems like I'm missing something simple, and that I shouldn't need...
1-3 of 3 Results