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  1. Switch Panel/Aux Light Install

    Electrical and Audio
    This is just a post of the accessory switch panel and driving light setup I recently finished on my Patriot. Just wanted to show what I did and maybe give some ideas to others. This is the switch panel I used. (Fenix4200 mini) 6 wire trailer cable like this for the wiring. These are the...
  2. Lighting issues everywhere!

    Electrical and Audio
    Having a multitude of electrical issues with my 2008 jeep patriot. 1. When I turn the vehicle on, driver side headlight just automatically turns on. Then I have to manually turn my headlights on, no matter what time of day, so it looks like I don't have a headlight out. When I flip on the...
  3. Behind the grill Cree LEDs.

    Electrical and Audio
    Just worked on this all night... 2 Cree led 2"x2" custom fitted. Did it with out removing the bumper too. It was tough but I managed to get my little hands and tools down in there. Basically only had to take top plastic pop rivets out, 2 bolts, and the air intake front assembly. By pulling up...
  4. Wiring for courtesy lights

    Electrical and Audio
    I am interested in adding lights in the footwell that will activate when the interior lights are turned on and also when a door is opened. I figure the only way to make this happen is to find where the wires for the dome light are since it behaves in the fashion that I would like the new lights...
  5. You won't want to miss this!

    The Outpost
    I'm returning the jeep back to stock so all my parts are for sale, there may be a temporary wait on some parts as I have to wait until I have a stock part to replace it with. If you would like anything please send me a PM or post on here and I'll get in contact with you. Please serious offers...
  6. Replacing burned out bulb for seat heat button

    Newbie Check-In
    How do I go about replacing a burned out bulb behind the "Heated Seat Button"?
  7. TIPM Help

    Electrical and Audio
    The left headlight of my jeep patriot does not work, and it's not the bulb or fuse. I took the car into the dealership and they said the problem was the TIPM or totally intergrated power module. The TIPM would need to be replaced and would cost me $900 for parts and labor. My question is how...
  8. Headlights Dim with Sub

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi, I just put a Kicker Comp CVR 12" in my standard sport 08 Jeep Patriot with a 800 watt amp and noticed that every time my sub hit the headlights would dim. I have noticed in my other cars that this was happening but didnt seem to think anything of it. I was wondering if this is going to ruin...