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  1. Check light came on

    Newbie Check-In
    The light in the picture below came on last night. I’m not very savvy with mechanical work but I read to check the gas cap and caps under the hood and I think those all up and it’s still on. Any ideas on things I can try before taking to mechanic? I also read could be low gas mileage and I...
  2. Interior lights

    Interior lights

  3. Green flashing light by pedals?

    I was driving home earlier and its night time. I noticed a green flashing light on my foot. Right above the pedals. Anyone know what this is???
  4. Low Tire Sensor Not Going Off

    Electrical and Audio
    I recently put air in my tires because of the cold weather and they were at 27 and 28 PSI and my warning light on my dashboard never went off. I just happened to get air on my own to be safe. What are troubleshooting steps to fix this? I wasn't sure if it was something easy that needed reset...
  5. Jeep patriot Flashing parking lights.

    Electrical and Audio
    I have a 2014 jeep patriot My turn signal on the dash was going really fast, it was the rear driver side, but replacing the bulb did not fix anything. Then when I turn the headlights on the parking lights flash several time along with the radio and heater/ac controls. The lights for radio and...
  6. Strange ETC problem

    Engine and Drivetrain
    Last month I finally made my last payment of my Jeep Patriot 2012. Unfortunately during the last days of August something strange happened. One morning, after driving a few miles to my office, the ETC light blinked for less than a second. During that short time, the throttle didn't respond. I...
  7. Adding additional lights

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi guys, I have a 22" light bar wired into the high beams with a switch as per my states laws. I am thinking of adding some light pods and was wondering... Can I simply splice these lights into the wiring I have for my existing 22" bar? Or should I utilize a new wiring kit and switch? Thanks!
  8. "noFUSE" indicator... which fuse under the hood?

    Electrical and Audio
    So the buttons on my keys will not unlock / lock the doors. I have the limited so i have the lock controls on my driver door. I can press the unlock button to unlock all doors. But the lock button doesnt work. I have to manually lock every door. After i lock the doors and press the unlock button...
  9. Jeep Specialist in West Midlands - England

    Hi Hope somebody can help? My partners 07 Patriot has developed a few issues, the main being an issue with the Low Beam Passanger light, and rear brake light. Both bulbs are good, however the H4 connector on the front passage light was melted somewhat. I have cut this out and replaced...
  10. Tire Pressure Sensor

    Suspension and Tires
    The tire pressure light in my 2008 Jeep Patriot will not go off. I have checked my tire pressure several times and it is correct and I cannot for the life of me get the light to go off. Has anyone had this problem before or know how to get it fixed? Any help/suggestions would be greatly...
  11. LED aux light on grille

    Electrical and Audio
    I just installed my 27w LED on my grille last week. I was skeptical if it was solid enough with that metal bar behind the grille and surprisingly it is very solid no shake or anything.
  12. A/C light blinking, turns off, but...

    Electrical and Audio
    While driving 3-4 days ago, I noticed that our A/C light was blinking and turned off after several blinks. This usually means that the A/C is toast or needs needs to be re-filled with Freon, but our pats A/C is till blowing ice cold air and has not lost any intensity. Any thoughts of what...
  13. Head Lights

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey everyone, Ive got a question for you guys. I noticed that during the day, when i turn my Pat off, the head lights stay on. But at night, when i turn it off, they dont stay on. Is there a way to change this around? I would rather have the lights stay on at night when cant see in my dark...
  14. Need electrical help with rear AUX light

    Electrical and Audio
    I installed a rear AUX light and connected it to the driver side tail light. Once I put in reverse, the lights blink for a few seconds and turn off (see clip below). Any idea what can cause such behavior? :confused:
  15. Patriot trunk/rear cargo light leak - more info!

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Well folks, let me start off by first saying that I am sorry for any typos, as it is late and I have been dealing with this issue all during the work week and am a bit frustrated over it, as I am sure you all are that are suffering from it as well. Let me start from the beginning. If you want...