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  1. Is it possible to lift a 2x4 Jeep Patriot?

    4X2 Patriot Discussion
    So I have the 2017 75th anniversary jeep patriot. and I was curious if it was possible to lift it. I know that lift kits only work on the 4x4, but is there some way to lift a 2x4. Like using spacers or something. Also curious what the biggest tires that the stock rims could fit without any...
  2. Lift options in Aus

    Suspension and Tires
    Hey guys, Sure this has been covered before so feel free to direct me to another thread but looking to lift my 2014 Patriot in Australia, apart from CRD springs, i cant seem to find many options in Australia without shipping from US. I'd probably prefer a spacer kit for ease of install as I'd...
  3. DIY Spacer Lift Kit w/ STUCoils - Installed

    Suspension and Tires
    I put these on a few months back along with a new set of Monroe struts and STUCoils. I already had STUCoils, which gave about an inch over stock on my FDII but I wanted to get more lift without any binding of the inner CV joints (especially the front drivers side) when running disconected...
  4. Hey Guys! New Here - Advice Needed!

    Newbie Check-In
    Guys, First off I'd like to say that there are tons of amazing Patriots on here. A lot of great information and inspirations for us all. I look forward to gaining some advice and insight into many topics. I will first list a few questions and ideas that I need answered. Feel free to check...
  5. Owner of a NEW (to me) patriot. Love it so far.

    Newbie Check-In
    I'm Dan, I just bought an 07 jeep patriot, low miles, great shape. It was a steal. I'm looking for things I can do to it, both performance and Exterior. I have plans on what I want to do. Cargo Rack. Lift Tint Lightbar Hitch Thinking 225/70r16 all terrain Maybe? quarter inch spacers...
  6. Opinion On Lifts

    Suspension and Tires
    Hey guys I just needed opinions and advice on lifts for my Jeep Patriot 2011. I have the tires that came with the car and cant afford to get new ones right now. I want my jeep to look bigger however. I was wondering how you think my jeep would look if I got it lifted 1 or 2 inches even with...
  7. Installed 2" Murchisons (StuCRD) Coils

    Suspension and Tires
    Hi guys, Went up to Murchisons shop today and had the lift installed. After having put about 50kms on today after the lift I've found that the ride is a lot firmer. Cornering has improved and a lot more responsive. Overall, very happy with it this far. Unfortunately I didnt take any before...
  8. Stock Lift on Patriot?

    Suspension and Tires
    Hey guys! So I bought a stock 2014 Jeep Patriot 4WD Sport (not the trail-rated model) and was wondering if anyone here knows what the stock clearance is for the vehicle. I remember reading somewhere that it was 19", but I'm not sure if that was just for the trail-rated model. If you can...
  9. I want to make my patriot look like the one in the picture.

    Suspension and Tires
    I have a 2010 black jeep patriot. I want to make it look like the one in the picture attached. The reason I'm putting this in the forum is because I'm a big noob when it comes to car parts and stuff like that so, specifically, how do I go about getting the tires, rims? I already looked into the...
  10. Patriot Body lift

    Suspension and Tires
    I am interested in lifting my Patriot, but I find the rro lift kit a bit costly for the amount of lift you get. I found a body lift that is supposed to fit a patriot and would be able to lift it 4 inches for about 60 dollars. I asume this will be at the cost of ride comfort which does not...
  11. Thinking of getting bigger tires and maybe a lift..

    Suspension and Tires
    hey guys im new here...this is my first post. I just bought a 2014 jeep patriot sport fwd came with the stock steel 16 inch rims.....i want bigger offroad tires, can i put them on the stock rims? i will lift it eventually, but i want tires firstt.....thanks in advance
  12. RRO lift kit unstable?

    Suspension and Tires
    Just lifted my Patriot. Alignment is right on but while driving on the roadways in mushy snow in 4x4 with ESP on my jeep is all over the place. Tried with ESP off and it didnt help. Felt like driving on grease. Any suggestions? I also put brand new Gabriel struts. Everything is tight and solid...
  13. RRO

    Newbie Check-In
    I have a 2008 Sport with 149000 on it. Standard 2.4L. I'll be installing the RRO lift this week. I have my eye on a set of rims (American Racing) 16x7 5x4.5s. I lifted another Patriot back in 2008. The only issue I had was torque steer became very evident on the highway. The newer product...
  14. Stu coil install. HELP!

    Suspension and Tires
    I'm in the process of installing my crdstu front coils right now. Is it normal for the springs to bow? They are bowing quite a bit. I fit them on with the spring compressors and they look good but after getting the top nut on and loosen the compressors it bows... Please help ASAP!
  15. UPDATES on CRDSTU coils!

    Suspension and Tires
    Hello all, first post here but I've been reading for months. After reading MANY favorable posts on the CRDSTU coils I ordered the coils today and wanted to give you all some updates. 1. There is only one type available now, no more HD and regular. The only one available is a hybrid of the old...
  16. north jersey jeep meet

    Meet & Greets / Trail Runs
    looking to have a north jersey jeep meet. somewhere in Morris County. anyone up for one?
  17. Jeep Patriot lift

    Newbie Check-In
    I'm looking to put a lift on the Patriot. It's an '08 model. How big of a lift is possible? What kind of tires would I need to upgrade to?
  18. RRO and new tires installed on my 2010 4X4

    Suspension and Tires
    Got my RRO installed a couple months ago and threw on some new tires last week. Falken Wildpeak A/Ts 235/70/17 on factory wheels. There is a fair amount of rub at full lock, especially turning right but I plan on installing wheel spacers this week to fix it. They are fairly heavy and brought...

    The Outpost
    Anyone interested in a set of STU Coils, please PM me. I am asking for $400 shipped (Within continental US), they are usually $560+ new. I have used them for the past year or so to my satisfaction. However, the lift made it hard for my wife to load the kids everyday, so it has to go :doh: ...
  20. lift/tires-no experience

    Suspension and Tires
    So I just got a 2013 4x4 Jeep Patriot Latitude and I'd like it to be a bit bigger. I know I can buy the RRO lift and put the 225/75/16 tires on with 16" wheels, but I have no kind of experience. How much $ for labor would you all estimate this costing to have someone do it for me? Thanks!