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  1. LED Headlights, DRL running at full high beams

    Electrical and Audio
    I recently swapped out my halogens for some LED bulbs, with the help of an adapter everything works with no flickers, but the (admittedly expected) issue I'm having is that my daytime running lights are now high beams at full brightness. On a sunny day it is a minor inconvenience, but on cloudy...
  2. Switch Panel/Aux Light Install

    Electrical and Audio
    This is just a post of the accessory switch panel and driving light setup I recently finished on my Patriot. Just wanted to show what I did and maybe give some ideas to others. This is the switch panel I used. (Fenix4200 mini) 6 wire trailer cable like this for the wiring. These are the...
  3. How to aim LED and HID headlights

    We've all experienced it, driving down the road and some guys headlights are blinding the crap outta you. Don't be that guy. If you install LED or HID headlights, please aim them properly. Here's a video to show you how. And after you watch this video, watch more of their videos to learn more...
  4. LED Map Light Problems

    Electrical and Audio
    So I purchased some LED lights for the Map Lights, because the stock were too dim for me. Problem is they both work and don't work. If the vehicle is running, everything works fine. It's when the vehicle is off, that it gets weird. If both driver and passenger are LED, there's no light If...
  5. Adding additional lights

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi guys, I have a 22" light bar wired into the high beams with a switch as per my states laws. I am thinking of adding some light pods and was wondering... Can I simply splice these lights into the wiring I have for my existing 22" bar? Or should I utilize a new wiring kit and switch? Thanks!
  6. Solving PWM DRL-HID-Fog and LED Lighting Problem

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi Everyone, It has taken me a while, but here is my solution to some of the lighting issues I have had with my Canadian 2011 Jeep Patriot lighting. Explanation: Here in Canada I have DRL high beam PWM voltage headlights; when I switched from stock to HID headlights and the car...
  7. Light Bar Placement and Installation

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    I noticed so far that many of the Patriots are owned by people who like to drive casually and take life easy. Not this girl! Yes it might be the family version of a Wrangler or the other models but that doesn't meant it can't look badass. So I'm taking mine to the next level. I just recently...
  8. Sexiest LED headlights?

    What are your suggestions for LED lights?
  9. 2015 Patriot LED tail light Bulb fix

    Electrical and Audio
    I you are having issues with LED Bulbs Using decoders/harnesses from e-bay this is how I fixed it (at least on my 2015 PAT I think earlier models do not have this issue) If you are using something like this you might encounter a similar issue: the turn signals/blinkers do not work (not...
  10. FOR SALE: Retrofitted Projector Headlights

    The Outpost
    Hey JeepPatriot Community, I am offering my headlights for $500 + $50 for shipping and insurance for the headlights. They'll come with the headlights, all the wiring, resistors, bulbs and ballasts. The wires are already pre-labelled all the wires, you'll just need to pick up some wire splices...
  11. LED aux light on grille

    Electrical and Audio
    I just installed my 27w LED on my grille last week. I was skeptical if it was solid enough with that metal bar behind the grille and surprisingly it is very solid no shake or anything.
  12. Just got the new CREE H13 LED Hi/Lo Headlights AND...

    Electrical and Audio
    Initially when I hooked them up, when I clicked on the high beams, the driver's side bulb went out and the passenger side stayed lit, but didn't get brighter. After searching for a solution on here, I assumed I needed a resistor harness, as opposed to a relay harness that I needed with my HID's...
  13. "True" clear front signal LEDs

    Through some defensive driving I managed to dodge a pileup. But in the process I lost my left turn signal light. Lens came clean off with hosing still in tact. *hangs head in shame* But enough with the sob story, I’m in need of some new front turn signal lights. I have seen some of the members...
  14. Converting aqua of lighting to blue

    Electrical and Audio
    Already have added blue LEDs to the switches and now I have replaced the white light in the gear selector with a blue LED (same ones I used in the switches) The blue matches the switches with the only difference being that the switches are like clear bulbs and the gear selector is diffused like...