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  1. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey all, so I have a 2007 jeep patriot that recently started to bring when I put it in drive. In reverse, it is ok. It even drives in reverse. So, I took it to a shop, and the owner said that it needs a new tranny. I disagree. I think all that it needs is a rebuild. When he took the skid plate...
  2. Interior
    Recently went to get my 2014 Sport appraised at Carmax - not getting rid of it, just curious- and they marked that my ceiling was stained. Went to look for it and found this at the rear near the ceiling!! See attached pics. Anyone have this issue
  3. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Sunroof Leak - My Patriot is haunted - MAJOR electrical problems @ 38k miles r/t leak Jeep 2010 Patriot, 2.4L CVT, 38k miles, Sun and fun package w/sunroof, blah blah... Possible relevant history: Car taken to dealership 3x between 34-36k miles for sunroof leak that STILL continues to leak...
  4. Engine and Drivetrain
    Our Patriot had a replacement transfer box in October 2010. The original one was leaking. In April there was a fire under the box just before a lot of mechanical clanging. I had an extinguisher so I saved the vehicle. Has anyone experienced the same problem?
  5. Exterior
    Hey everyone, I have an 08 Patriot, and am looking to install an after-market sunroof. I called my local jeep dealership and they have a place they use that's recommended. I've been kind of paranoid to move forward with this after reading about all the leak problems they can have sometimes...
  6. Troubleshooting Articles
    Many under estimate their abilities when it comes to fixing their leak problem. We can often do a better job than the dealership when fixing what is really a low-tech issue. Hole=leak No hole=no leak After reading the posts on this group I removed some of the trim after looking at the service...
1-6 of 6 Results