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ipod integration

  1. Using lightning iPhone (X, Xr, Xs / Max) on 30-pin Mopar Uconnect iPod cable

    Electrical and Audio
    Just writing this post to tell anyone that needs to know that I got my iPhone XS Max working with the 30-pin "iPod Direct Connect Integration Cable" from Mopar, which was dicontinued years ago but is still in the glove box of my 2010 Patriot. At first I never expected it to work because it...
  2. iPod/uConnect compatibility

    Electrical and Audio
    I'm by far an applephile, so I couldn't tell you the first thing about how iPhones/iPods/macbooks work, but I heard that on some radios, iPod compatibility is a lot better than other alternatives for playback and music navigation. I think I have the uConnect 130 in my Pat, with the Bluetooth...
  3. iPod/Bluetooth connection for 2007 patriot limited

    Electrical and Audio
    Hello all, I just bought a 2007 Patriot limited with the 6 disc cd system, it is the RAQ model, no GPS and tag on the bottom left says RDS. Does anyone have any good recommendations on the best way to hook up an iPhone for music, either Bluetooth streaming or connecting/docking etc. as there is...
  4. Question about UCI

    Newbie Check-In
    so my girlfriend and i bought a new 2010 patriot north edition and when we got the vehicle into the dealership we found out it came with the uci ipod cable in the glove box. however, it was not connected to anything and we couldn't find a port or anything to plug it in... am i crazy and we, in...
  5. Ipod Connection for Jeep Patriot UK

    Hi, Is it possible to get an ipod connection for my Jeep Patriot in the UK? Thank you
  6. 2009 RES Uconnect & ipod install

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey, just installed the Uconnect and Ipod integration kit for my 2009 with the RES radio. Here's pics, since it's tough as hell to find a good source for dash disassembly on the 09's. 2009 Jeep Patriot 4x4. RES radio (single CD player with Satellite radio, uconnect button on the radio, iphone...