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  1. Using lightning iPhone (X, Xr, Xs / Max) on 30-pin Mopar Uconnect iPod cable

    Electrical and Audio
    Just writing this post to tell anyone that needs to know that I got my iPhone XS Max working with the 30-pin "iPod Direct Connect Integration Cable" from Mopar, which was dicontinued years ago but is still in the glove box of my 2010 Patriot. At first I never expected it to work because it...
  2. 07 with Boston system...

    Electrical and Audio
    Tried to resolve this with dealer (I know, I'm a :pepper:) and didn't get anywhere. My '07 came with the Boston 5-CD changer/Sirius/nav/bluetooth in the console. What it lacks, somewhat stunningly, is an audio input jack. I tried to have one installed and what I got was a cable that terminates...
  3. Pro Clip iPhone Mount / Holder

    Hi All, I have been searching for a means of mounting my iPhone in my 2014 Patriot. So far I have come across Pro Clip as the most attractive option. Here is the link for the mount I am interested in...
  4. Iphone 5 left in bar, Apple searches man's home.

    The Sway Bar
  5. Glitch with Sat/Nav Radio and audio playback from iPhone 4

    Electrical and Audio
    So I have a 2011 Patriot with the satellite radio/navigation and I like to listen to audiobooks when I drive. I can sync my iPhone 4 via bluetooth and via the USB port in the glove box to the radio to listen to music or audiobooks or whatever off the iPhone, but the weirdest thing happens. As...

    The Abyss
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