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  1. Engine and Drivetrain
    I looked all over the internet I can't find a single diagram that shows me how to cook this thing up, no instructions nothing. I'm not sure exactly which hoses go where. Does anybody have a diagram or a picture they can explain to me how to hook it up right? Thanks
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    So I’m having some issues with my Jeep 2016 patriot... the issue is every now and then when I’m driving it has a kick back like a buck. I thought it be my spark plugs and I’m being told it’s probably not that. Any suggestions!? I’m at 44k miles.
  3. Engine and Drivetrain
    Just replaced my head gasket a week ago and now I am seeing a grayish goop in my cap and chunks inside... to add to that my car is loosing antifreeze and I don't see any leaks. PLEASE help no engine light also just found a plastic chuck floating inside my hoses and neck are all new for...
  4. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hey there have a patriot sport 2014 engine light popped up with p0302 replaced spark plugs and coils also replacedpcv valve spark plus and coils were dry im worried its a head gasket leak... but I'm just not sure does anyone have any suggestions? (other parts replaced recently are fuel pump...
  5. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Now limp mpde and traction control light how do i get this fixed its sooo annoying the gas cap loose thing but limp mode is new and will a code reader resetaybe a bad fuel pump? Filter? Gas cap has been on over year and airbag light.
  6. Suspension and Tires
    Hey all, I just got a quote from chrysler saying I have weak struts, and need all joints and bushings replaced which is going to cost about $3200. I have 4 new struts, but i was wondering if there is a different part number for the trail rated fd2 suspension. The rear sags almost onto the wheels...
  7. Engine and Drivetrain
    I have a 2008 Patriot with a 140hp diesel engine. The turbo is failing and it needs to be replaced. I'm having trouble finding finding the right model of turbo i need to buy to replace it, me not knowing alot about cars. I'm located in Norway, so hard to find to help. Dealers wont give me a part...
  8. Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I have a 2008 Pat 2.4L manual and i've ordered 3 times from EBay, and each time from different sellers, a radio harness adapter for adding an appradio to my jeep but i keep getting the same style radio harness which is said to work with my Pat but it doesn't fit at all. i've...
  9. Suspension and Tires
    So this morning on the way to work I would hear this woommwoomwooom sound at about 20-30mph and it would clear up. Then on the way home it got worse. Now I hear it about 5-30mph and I haven't gone over thirty since getting off the interstate. So I took it to a tire shop about 30 minutes ago...
  10. Newbie Check-In
    Hey all, I have a 2010 Patriot limited FWD. My first vehicle purchase and I have only had it for a few months. and have had a couple of problems.... pre-existing of course. Yes I am a novice buyer and and novice human in general. I recently purchased the Stubby antenna and I went to install...
  11. Electrical and Audio
    I am looking to replace the unit on my 2008 Jeep Patriot Limited. It currently has the Navigation REC series 6 Disc Changer Sirius, MP3 Player, AM/FM Radio 5.8" TFT Display, DVD ROM, Model: P56038646AL. However, the display is not working. Everything works, as far as using the radio and...
1-11 of 11 Results