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  1. Electrical and Audio
    Just worked on this all night... 2 Cree led 2"x2" custom fitted. Did it with out removing the bumper too. It was tough but I managed to get my little hands and tools down in there. Basically only had to take top plastic pop rivets out, 2 bolts, and the air intake front assembly. By pulling up...
  2. Exterior
    My 2009 Patriot didn't come stock with fog lights. I'm looking for everything I need to install some and the rest of the odds and ends. Any suggestions?
  3. Electrical and Audio
    Has anyone put the Halo/Angel Eye fog projectors in the new body style? I've seen plenty of them in the old body, but I haven't been able to locate these fogs for the 2012. Anyone know where to get these? Anyone have pictures of these installed?
1-3 of 3 Results