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  1. Which Body Parts Are Interchangeable With 2010 Patriot?

    Can anyone help me with compatibility of body parts by year for the Patriot. I was backing and turning my 2010 Patriot out of a parking space and clipped the bumper of a van parked next to me. As a result I need a new bumper cover, fender and fender liner. I've noticed different parts sites list...
  2. Removing the "nub" inner fender nuisance

    Suspension and Tires
    Here is the only part of the fender that was making a little contact with my tires. (see yellow oval) Here is the only tool I used... Here is what I sprayed on bare steel... Except I used the Black Truck Bed Liner Spray that comes in a 16.5 can. After material removal Where is the...