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  1. Electric Wing Mirror not working after washing car

    Washed the Jeep and now left hand side electric wing mirror won’t work. Any ideas?
  2. Turn signal replacement

    Electrical and Audio
    help on how to remove and replace my turn signal
  3. Power seats not working

    Hi all, Brand new here looking for some help. I came up empty on all searches in here & on google but somebody has to know something about power driver seat motors. 2017 high altitude jeep patriot the front-back adjustment for the driver seat has stopped working. The seat has a 6 position...
  4. Electrical problem with wipers

    Electrical and Audio
    Hello, I have 2011 Jeep Patriot latitude. The other day i noticed that when i use my windshield washer fluid switch to wash my windows on the front, it washes the back windows, and when i use the rear switch to wash my rear windows, it washes my front window. Any suggestions on how to fix this????
  5. Lighting issues everywhere!

    Electrical and Audio
    Having a multitude of electrical issues with my 2008 jeep patriot. 1. When I turn the vehicle on, driver side headlight just automatically turns on. Then I have to manually turn my headlights on, no matter what time of day, so it looks like I don't have a headlight out. When I flip on the...
  6. Indicators Super Fast Clicking-rear indicators not working-front indicators ok

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi, I have a 2013 Jeep Patriot. Recently when I turn the direction indicator switch on - steering column indicator arm (either left or right), the relay clicking starts at normal speed, then doubles to super fast clicking. Both of the rear indicator lamps are not working (front ones work fine...
  7. Rear windows won't roll down consistently from front cluster

    Electrical and Audio
    I have a 2014 Jeep Patriot Sport with power windows. The rear windows do not always roll up/down when using the front driver-side switch cluster. The seem to go down more often than up but neither is dependable. They work as expected using the switches on each rear door. I removed the...
  8. Limp Mode issue

    Engine and Drivetrain
    First of all my 2011 Jeep Patriot 2.4 liter and it went into limp mode and the check engine light came on. Then it threw a codes for coil packs 1,3,4 were bad. I replaced all 4 coil packs, plugs and crankshaft sensor. This still did not fix the Problem. I have a friend that works at a Chrysler...
  9. traction control light

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Help!!! The other day on the way to work, it kicked then the traction control light came on and it went into limp mode. I turned it off and it drove fine for the next 2 days. Then sat it happened again. I turned it off and it drove for a short distance and happened again. Got to the point it...
  10. Headlight went out

    Electrical and Audio
    While I was hopeful that it was just the bulb when the passenger side headlight recently went out on my 2008 Patriot I was not so lucky. The local Mechanic almost immediately laid the blame on the TIPM (Total Integrated Power Module) and hit me with the replacement price YIKES! upwards...
  11. Wiper Switch Problem

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    So, I am getting (another) weird problem and am hoping someone has a quick fix for me. Whenever I pull the windshield wiper switch to clean the windshield, the wiper fluid comes out on the rear window, but the front wipers come on. If I twist the column to clean the rear window, the fluid comes...
  12. Gear Shift lights

    Electrical and Audio
    Does anyone know where the connector is for the light on the gear shift? it does not light up ever since i i got my transmission changed.
  13. Electrical Issue - Bad Alternator??

    Electrical and Audio
    I've been having a problem lately: When I push the gas pedal, the lights (interior AND exterior) all dim and flicker noticeably. This flickering seems to increase when I am reversing up (yes, uphill) my driveway (which makes sense, more force required). Gotta admit, I haven't looked into...
  14. CVT issues 08? For Sale? Help!!!???

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    We have an 08 patriot, auto, 4x4, with 146,000 miles. Recently the trans light came on and went into "limp mode". took into local dealer and the initial thought from service mgr was new trans then foudn some wires had rotted and with some new conections it was fixed and ran perfect for almost 4...
  15. middle dome light replacement

    Electrical and Audio
    I never did do a write up about my middle dome light replacement project. So here it is(for pats without a sun roof), short but effective: Things you'll need: - map reading light 1AN73HDAAB is the mopar part number. This is the assembly for the front light. - 3 ft 16g wire - wire runner/coat...
  16. Swamped My Pat

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    So slightly bad judgement on my part... I wanted to get my pat a little dirty on Friday, so I took it down a powerline trail by my house and misjudged the depth of a puddle. The driver's side of the jeep was submerged about up to about 4 inches above the door:doh:. I go it towed out but there...
  17. HID Headlights and Fog Light Install HELP!

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey everyone, I just bought a set of HID lights for my 09' Patriot however I am very hesitant about the whole installation, I started reading more into how to install them and everywhere someone says something about the patriot's computer not liking HIDs. What do I need to do, the auto parts...
  18. 2007 Compass Lighting

    Jeep Compass
    I have a 2007 Compass and recently have noticed that when I turn the headlights on while the car is running, the dashboard lights as well as the rear running lights won't stay on. The headlights still work, as do the interior lights and breaklights, but the rear lights, dash lights and any...
  19. Headlight & Windshield wiper levers

    Electrical and Audio
    All of a sudden today, my blinker/headlight control lever and my windshield wiper levers both stopped working simultaneously. I've never had any indication of a problem before this, so it seems very surprising. I've removed all the dash area panels to expose the wiring coming from and in the...
  20. Back-up camera installation

    Electrical and Audio
    This one is for all of the Jeep Technicians out there... My father bought my wife and I some wireless back-up cameras that mount above our licence plates. The camera needs to be wired into the vehicle's electrical system so when you put the truck/car into reverse, it kicks on and will the...