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  1. Detailing 101
    So, i'm starting to notice that the black (rubber or plastic?) trim around the windows and the tail gate are starting to fade ever-so slightly. There is a late 90's Grand Cherokee in my parking lot that has the plastic moulding covering the bottom half of the car, and it's faded to all hell. I...
  2. Detailing 101
    I was reading through the detailing section and decided to look at some videos on using a clay bar. I came across this video and its just kinda funny, thought I'd share.
  3. Detailing 101
    My riot is an 08 and travels our dirt road about 6 times a day. The dashboard under the windshield collects every dirt and dust particle that comes in. I've Armor-Alled and Windexed to no avail. The dust is quickly attracted. Are there any cleaners that deter settling dust or something easier...
1-3 of 3 Results