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  1. Low Tire Sensor Not Going Off

    Electrical and Audio
    I recently put air in my tires because of the cold weather and they were at 27 and 28 PSI and my warning light on my dashboard never went off. I just happened to get air on my own to be safe. What are troubleshooting steps to fix this? I wasn't sure if it was something easy that needed reset...
  2. Dashboard clicks after I open the door.

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    As stated above, my dashboard clicks for a good 5-7 secs after opening the door. My wife also said that the A/C is no longer blowing cold. Besides the obvious (might have to do with the AC going out), is there a reason why it would click? Easy fix?
  3. 2016 Patriot INTERNAL RUST

    Hi all. This is my very first post here. Actually my very first post on any car related forum. Anyway, I have a one month old 2016 Jeep Patriot and found something very disturbing under the dash this morning as I looked for where the OBD port was. I found what seems to be fairly substantial...
  4. Help! What cleans interior dashboard?

    Detailing 101
    My riot is an 08 and travels our dirt road about 6 times a day. The dashboard under the windshield collects every dirt and dust particle that comes in. I've Armor-Alled and Windexed to no avail. The dust is quickly attracted. Are there any cleaners that deter settling dust or something easier...
  5. Dashboard Lights - am I going mad???

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey all, Had the Jeep for about a month now and I am loving every minute of it. But I've got a question... Coming home this evening, the rain was pretty heavy so I had my lights on. I glanced at the dash at one point and couldn't see the little light that tells you that your lights are on. Now...
  6. How to lose a bar of chocolate

    Seriously....I placed 3 bars of chocolate in my glove box. Went to get them out and hey presto... there were only 2 left;). Being a bit curious and reckoning that Patriots don't have burning desire for Choc... I had a better look. I must say... I love this patriot to bits, BUT I reckon this...
  7. Dashboard Removal

    Electrical and Audio
    Hi, I have a 2007 Jeep Patriot. I recently had a Pioneer touchscreen radio installed in my car. Lately, I have been experiencing some tweeter speaker issues. They continually make weird noises or go out. I wanted to take a look at the wiring, because I think that a cable may have came loose...