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  1. Dash flickering while driving plus beeping sound

    Jeep Patriot General Discussion
    Hi while driving my dash started acting funny and all lights lit up and heard a beeping sound. The speedometer needles even moved like everything was shutting down and turning back on..... whats wrong now...
  2. Big time OOPS

    So the other day my girlfriend decided she wants me to build her a desk. So we head to Lowe's and pick up some materials. Well in the process of bringing them home, I had to rest some lumber on the dash. I had a blanket in the cargo area and I had folded that and placed it between the dash...
  3. Aftermarket head units that complement the "OEM" look...

    Electrical and Audio
    Hey all, Fairly new to the forums, although I've been reading all of your very informative posts for quite some time. Nice to meet all of you! I'm in the market for a new Double-DIN DVD/MP3 deck with iPod/USB input for my 2010 Patriot, and have done my research both on the forums and on...
  4. modules, gauges, and sensors help!!!

    I have a 2011 Jeep Patriot Sport 4x4. I know some of the higher end models have gas sensors that calculate how many miles are left on the gas you have and avg miles per gallon, what module or dash do I need to get? How do I install it? I have also seen a compass module, I guess this shows...
  5. 2010 dash removal

    I'm upgrading the dash speakers for the BA system so i decided today to try to remove the dash to access their location. I unscrewed every screw and popped every clip but, the passenger side of the dash just in the area of the airbag logo didn't seem to want to budge. I could get the drivers...
  6. DashHawk in our Patriots

    Electrical and Audio
    Has anyone installed a DashHawk? (ie. They look pretty useful.
  7. Air won't come out of dash vents

    I purchased a 2008 Patriot Limited about three weeks ago. We've had a couple chilly mornings this week so I tried using the heat for the first time the other day. When the heat is set on the option for the floor vents AND the dash vents, the air only comes out of the floor vents. I checked to...
  8. Dismantling the dash

    I'm having trouble dismantling the dash on my 08 patriot. i just wan2 get the cover off so i can install a new stereo head deck or maybe see if the stock head deck has a line in for my ipod... can anyone help me with instructions on how to get it out?? i just bought my patriot and love it and...