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cvt transmission noise
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  1. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hello all! I'm new here, and I'm a big fan of my 2009 Patriot. It's 4x4, has a little over 200k, and is in great shape for the most part...BUT it has the dreaded CVT automatic (without the crawler option). When I was looking at buying a Patriot 3 years ago, I wanted a 5spd (I've never...
  2. Engine and Drivetrain
    Hi, first post. I've read probably every post in the forum and elsewhere online on CVT issues and still I'm uncertain about what to do so here it goes... I purchased a 2008 Patriot 2.4L 4x4 two years ago with 93K. I've previously owned XJs and WJs and I honestly love the Patriot. I've put a lot...
  3. Engine and Drivetrain
    Firstly...yes, I have read all those other threads by you guys regarding your CVT issues but I haven't been able to find my particular problem... At around 2000-3000rpm I get a whirring sound from the car (99% sure its the CVT). It will sound like it's about to start screaming at you if you go...
1-3 of 3 Results